Broderson IC-35-2G Industrial Cranes

Product Type Industrial Cranes
Manufacturer Broderson
Condition New
Model IC-35-2G
Year of Manufacture 2022
Maximum Capacity 4 tons
Maximum Boom Length (ft) 19'
Maximum Jib Length (ft) 8'
Engine Kubota Engine
Tire or Track Tire
Crane Chart

The Broderson IC-35-2G is an industrial carry deck crane with a 4 ton capacity. This handy crane is renowned for its easy-to-operate controls, reliability, and maneuverability. Some of the IC-35’s major standard features include: a self-loading carry deck (which allows for a more practical load-carrying ability), a more narrow and low profile design (which assists in accessing tight workspaces), four independently controlled outriggers with holding valves, and more.

Jib and Boom
The IC-35-2G has a main boom that measures 7’ – 19’ and has a boom extension of roughly 8’.

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